Round Stretch Table Cover

Made of quality elastic polyester fabrics in a broad range of colors, round stretch table covers add an attractive, professional appearance to the event tables while providing the ideal surface to promote your business with custom printing that displays your logo or advertising message to create an extra impact to your booth. 


Fast color print

High-quality elastic polyester

Completely customizable



31.5"X31.5"+(23.6"X27.6")X4sides fits 32"x29" table

31.5"X31.5"+(23.6"X36.2")X4sides fits 32"x43" table

24.4"X24.4"+(18.5"X27.6")X4sides fits 24"x29" table

36.6"X36.6"+(24.8"X27.6")X4sides fits 37"x29" table